Motherhood and mouth problems: know what is cause and what a reaction!

In fact, a woman’s life is marked by hormonal moments, all of which may represent impact on oral health. But many women blame for all pregnancy losses occurred in the mouth.
It is then revealed through recent research that yes there are problems inherent to the hormonal phase of pregnancy, and the great villain in this case is called predisposition, genetic or circumstantial.
For example, not all women who become pregnant during orthodontic treatment that will display the “gingivitis gravidarum,” but a portion of them that have predisposed reactive or gums, the problem may have throughout the pregnancy and may even present an aggravating granuloma gravidarum, which entails surgical intervention. This problem happens not only to pregnant women who wear braces, all pregnant women and may have predisposed the problem, especially those with a set of circumstances such as reactive gums and poor oral hygiene.
It is important to ratify it in caries development, the hormones do not have primary responsibility, but sugar consumption and poor hygiene are the real culprits unchallenged.
The important thing is that there are proper procedures for any stage of pregnancy, and that no woman need suffer from toothache, but a good conversation between the obstetrician and the dentist is the best way to promote oral health in pregnant women, after all it takes attend to the health of the mother and baby, and that there is even suitable for pregnant women anesthetics.
Another critical stage is the arrival of the baby. Many moms rapt attention with their children, just forget about oral hygiene, and there’s no way, even if problems arise.
So pay attention to our health is the best way to provide good health to our successors.

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