The laser dentistry, marking a new age.

Today, the news is no shortage of completing all fields of science. Equipment that speed, track, detect and perform, and this “front” the laser is the protagonist.
Faced with all these possibilities in medicine and dentistry is that the laser is its most noble.
Lasers can be classified basically in therapeutic (or low power) and surgical (or high power).
The therapy is used to accelerate the healing process, acting at the cellular level, increasing the availability of oxygen and energy, where the cell starts to work without fatigue that injuries provide.
For example, in cases of cancer patients affected in the head and neck irradiated or treated through chemotherapy, eventually develop mucositis due to transient failure of the oral mucosa cells to regenerate, can be treated preventively with laser therapy along with elective therapy, preventing the appearance of these lesions which aggravate the general condition of these patients, because they can not feed themselves.
For those who use aparatologia orthodontics, laser tooth acts by accelerating the migration, decreasing or eliminating the pain caused traction on the tooth, also reducing the time required for a successful treatment completed, reducing the risks of root resorption of the tooth, which is common in the conventional technique.
Also, the bone level, the laser provides for the extracted teeth or anchored to implants, bone formation faster and better.
Even acts by decreasing edema and have anti-inflammatory effect, helping to minimize the villain in our physical suffering: Pain.
Research has demonstrated laser action in the nerve fibers, changing electrical potential and stimulating the formation of substances that act directly on the sensation of pain, serotonin, the brain level, flooding the nerve endings, reducing pain stimulus.
In laser surgery, it is also possible to have a substantial decrease in relation to pain.
When the laser ablated tissue, it simply vaporizes the nerve endings, which are not able to deliver the painful stimulus and indirectly, it vaporizes the microorganisms that inhabit the surface and the depth of affected tissue, effectively reducing the inflammatory response, just not to allow the release of substances in cell injury, such as histamine and other neurotransmitters to inflammation and therefore pain.
Some lasers operating in the region of green, still have the advent of acting directly on blood clotting, which is of great value in surgery of patients committed hematological, or in treatment with phobic children.
As for lasers operating in dental or bone ablation, the benefit is in the treatment of radiating surface, it makes the tissue more resistant to acids mouth, minimizing the risk of recurrence, and this includes the treatment of caries, the surgeries paraendodônticas, and even the conventional endodontic treatment.
In the field of diagnosis, the laser tool is also a difference, as it enables the scanning of tooth surfaces and when it detects bacteria that fluoresce indicate their presence, helping professionals to perform the best intervention for a particular situation or just observe her clinical picture.
The most striking of this technology for dental interventions do you get 99.99% of disinfection at the site of action of the laser, there is a more positive bodily response and tissue regeneration with a better quality (reducing the expectation of recurrence), reduces the feedback interventions for pain in the deepest need and demonstrates incomparably smaller local anesthetics.

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