The oral health context in the female: the hormonal dictatorship.

The various hormonal stages in which the woman is subjected throughout its life, may, in the context of oral health, current events relating to the hormone or lack of it, providing a kind of persistent gingivitis to severe impairments in the framework periodontal (tissue that connects the tooth to the bone).
In the first phase of menstruation (or menarche), the girl-woman goes to live with the monthly hormonal changes, which, besides leaving it able to produce a son, modifies a series of chemical processes of metabolism that will often interfere on your mood, your skin (acne) and their oral health, especially if hygiene is poor, among other consequences, and this can happen throughout the woman’s reproductive life.
The esterectomia hormonal contraceptive methods and may also alter the pattern of oral health of women, requiring effective methods of prevention, such as good oral hygiene and a healthy diet, so that more severe consequences are off. Canker sores are very common in some women, and this requires action.
A very critical period to aggravate weaknesses mouth, is pregnancy. Would be wrong to think it’s her fault that both oral diseases bother many pregnant women. In fact, women with complications of pain during pregnancy, usually brought problems in the oral health before conception. And this can be very serious for the outcome of pregnancy, even causing premature births due to the infection and release of toxic substances into the bloodstream.
When a woman enters the period of menopause, hormone production begins to decrease until the phase of menopause, requiring specific care to be carried out to combat the evils of periodontitis, silent disease that breaks down bone tissue and the implantation of the tooth, unstructured it, and thus condemning him, and this can also happen with osseointegrated implants.
But for all these problems is safe and effective preventive methods that help maintain that humanity is most beautiful: WOMEN’S SMILE!

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